If you have a little girl with curly hair and you’re not sure how to manage it, you will find these 5 tips helpful!

  1. Detangling: Get a wide-tooth comb, start from the bottom while holding the hair in your hand. Separating the hair into 4 big sections makes for a painless comb through. Always, always comb the hair while wet and while conditioner is in the hair. Never comb while the hair is in a dry curly state. Be sure not to yank to avoid breakage!

  1. Moisture, Moisture, Moisture: Every product isn’t for everyone. Find a YouTuber or Instagram Curly Girl that has the same hair type/curl pattern and jot down their product suggestions. Some people will recommend Coconut Oil, Argon Oil or Monoi oil. Add the moisturizer with a styling milk while the hair is still wet, especially on the ends and scalp. The oil helps seal the ends to prevent them from splitting. Moisturizing the scalp provides nourishment to the rest of your hair and the new growth.

  1. Trim: This could single handedly determine if your hair will grow 1 inch in 1 year or 6 inches in one year. Keep up with, at minimum, a quarterly trim. Find someone who can cut wet, curly hair to avoid having to put heat on it to straighten it. Trimming while wet will actually provide a cute shape and give lots of bounce to your curly girls hair.

  1. Protective Styling: No one wants to have wet hair everyday, especially in extreme cold or hot weather! To keep moisture locked in and to avoid a hair hassle for weeks at a time, do a cute two strand twists hairstyle with a styling milk and some hair oil. You get the added bonus of a cute curl pattern after you take it out and before you wash it.


  1. Protect even while sleeping: Sleeping on just a cotton pillowcase or sheet is a big reason why curls or styles don’t last very long. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase or with a silk scarf or bonnet will help the moisture and curls stay put. Putting you hair in a loose high ponytail while you sleep helps your pattern and style lasts longer. In the morning, you may have to use a spray bottle on the front and roots to fluff it out and bring the za za zoom back but you wont have to completely submerge your hair in water before leaving the house which is a big plus!


I hope these tips are useful! Let me know if you have any questions!