Is your curly girl having trouble with her confidence? Has she encountered ‘not so kind’ words about her hair or appearance? Here are 3 useful tips to help her see and use her light & shine all over the world!

     1. Affirmations: Have her write messages to herself on sticky notes and place them on her mirror, headboard or closet door. Have her read the messages out loud when she’s getting ready for the day. If she is too young to write, have her repeat Affirmations that you say.

Affirmation Suggestions:

“ I am beautiful, inside and out, just as I am.”

“I am special. There is only one me in the world. My differences are my superpowers!”

     2. Books: They might be a bit scarce at your local library but do a quick Google search on children’s books on natural hair, curly hair and big hair. It’s amazing what a self-reflective book can do for a child’s self esteem. “Wow, there’s a little girl in this book that’s going through exactly what I go through and she’s happy and positive! I look like her. She looks like me. I must be normal.” ( Think about Hillary Clinton almost taking home the presidency. Now girls all over the world know that they too, have that option.)

Book Suggestions: 

3. Teach her how to manage it: Many times we dislike our hair, even in adulthood, because we don’t know what to do with it. We don’t know what products to use or how to comb through it. Even if you can’t teach her yourself, take your curly girl to a natural hair salon and just ask for advice. YouTube tutorials are the big craze right now. There are many curly girls that will take you through a step-by-step process on styling natural hair and taming the mane. They will also give product suggestions for different hair types. This will save you lots of money on product “rush and roulette.”

Two great curly girl/natural hair YouTubers:

  Meet Naptural85   &  IMadameJay

Wishing you lots of self love! May our hearts be as big as our hair.

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