If you watched the video, you learned that there is a contest going on. To wrap up an amazing 2 weeks of book sales, I am challenging you to find the woman who the book is dedicated to. I have her address but would love for her to see this post.

The prize is either a free-signed book from the series, “The Little Girl With the Big Hair” or a Visa Gift Card to assist in your holiday shopping.

I met Lenette Braud of St. James, Louisiana while shopping for a wedding dress in Atlanta. Neither of us planned on visiting Winnie Couture that day. I literally drove past it and was curious. I parked in temporary parking and ran in quickly. After visiting 6 stores that day alone, I had come to terms that I was getting my dress custom made.

The sales associate made an effort to learn more about my style wishes but I was a bit dismissive. That is until….she brought out “The Dress.” This Dress gave me all the “feels.” I didn’t even know before this point, that I was a girl who would get the “feels” about a wedding dress. I was definitely more excited about this dress than I was about the wedding. Don’t get me wrong, I want to spend the rest of my life with my fiancé (Ola) but planning a wedding is not fun.

There was only one thing wrong with the dress. It was 1,000 over my budget. How could a girl that’s not even excited about the wedding pay $2500 for the dress?! So what did I do? I cried. In the fitting room, with the dress on, I called my sisters, my fiancé and my friends and I cried for one whole hour. Spending that much money on a dress was unjustifiable.

I was in the mirror, taking one last look at myself when a woman walked up to me and told me that I had to get the dress, that it was made for me. She proceeded to ask me where my mother was. I thought that she was asking because I did not have a group of women with me as all the other brides did.

I answered “Well, she passed last year but I called my sisters on Face Time and they agree with you so I’m thinking about it.”

She said she was sorry for my loss and reaffirmed to “get the dress,” before rejoining her family.

I called Ola once more and he too said, “get the dress, we will figure it out.”

I proceeded to negotiate with the sales associate and by negotiate, I mean, give her my credit card.

That is when who I now know as, Lenette Braud, walked up to me and changed my life forever. She would solicit my address so that she could send me a check for my wedding dress. I cried and denied her request until she told me,

   “I don’t know what your relationship is like with God but your mother is here in spirit and I am drawn to help you right now. You do not need to know my name. I just need your address.”

It was surreal. I cried. We hugged. She cried. I left and cried some more. A month or so later, a check came in the mail. If a check never came, I would have still cherished that moment. You see, my mother and I had talked about her giving me clear signs that she was still around spiritually if and when she passed. We joked about her haunting me and knocking things off shelves, writing on mirrors, etc. Only, It had been over a year and no signs. I would have given anything for a sign. This was my sign. To top it all off, she signed the note, your mother for a moment.

I was already working on the new part of “The Little Girl With the Big Hair” series and knew what I had to do. I wanted to dedicate it to her. So, here we are! The book is on it’s way to her but I also want her to see this post.

I have not done a preliminary search because low-key, I’m a detective but I am challenging you all to find her (in a non creepy way of course.)

The first person to find her will win the challenge and get to choose from the 1 of 2 prizes. I hope you guys all decide to be good sports and participate. Thank you in advance.